Before you buy any landscaping rock step back and decide exactly what you want to accomplish. Landscaping with natural stone in your design can add depth and texture to the landscape. Rock and stone come in many different forms, sizes, kinds, textures and colors.
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Different designs require different landscaping rock to achieve the look you want – everything from small rock or stone used as accent or a path or large permanently placed landscaping rock or boulders.
To successfully incorporate rock in the landscape, design larger stones and boulders where they add to the yard and become a focal point. Don't put them in spots where you're trying to disguise, cover up or hide things. Each rock or boulder needs to be placed with purpose for looks, design and balance. Plan ahead of time exactly where each landscaping rock will be placed for the ultimate best effect.
White River Rock - Landscape Supply in Ruskin, FL
White river rock
Brown River Rock - Landscape Supply in Ruskin, FL
Brown river rock
Red Lava Rock - Landscape Supply in Ruskin, FL
Red lava rock
Washed Shells - Landscape Supply in Ruskin, FL
Washed shell
Lime Rock - Landscape Supply in Ruskin, FL
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